Are You Strivenn To Succeed?

Many of the marketing leaders and managing directors I speak with are getting headaches from their sales teams complaining they don’t have enough of the right leads, are concerned they don’t know which activities are getting them results and are disappointed their stories aren’t resonating.

Having walked a few miles in their shoes I wanted to help, and so I founded Strivenn.

At Strivenn, we take a strategy-driven approach to overcoming these challenges so marketing leaders can focus on getting a good nights sleep rather than worrying about the headaches tomorrow will bring.

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About Matt

I’ve always loved asking questions and solving problems.

When I was just three years old I first learned about this thing called gravity, and after several days pondering on the subject asked the question: “how do rockets get into space if they have gravity on them?”

At this point, an explanation of escape velocity was probably a step too far, but my fate was sealed.

I went off to Bristol University to study chemistry and at the end of my MSci decided it would be fun to ask difficult questions of the universe and spent the next few years playing with flammable and often toxic compounds as I worked towards a PhD. This led to postdoctoral positions at the University of Amsterdam and Sussex University playing with a variety of dangerous chemicals as well as delivering a number of fireworks lectures which was at times close to being a rocket scientist!

While the fireworks lectures were great fun, I realised I preferred communication and storytelling to research.

Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson


Matt is a marketing strategist, storyteller and the founder of Strivenn.

I put my love of asking questions to good use and became a science and business journalist where I built a reputation for simplifying complicated subjects and uncovering interesting stories.

During the financial crisis of 2008, I wrote about a lot of job losses and got to speak to a number of top executives concerning the difficult decisions they faced about how to keep their organisations afloat.

As the articles I was writing and commissioning transitioned from being about job cuts and doom and gloom to signs of the “green shoots of recovery” I wanted to get involved rather than just cheering on from the sidelines.

After much soul-searching I made one of the most transformational decisions of my life – I quit my job, sold pretty much everything I owned and went to study for an MBA at the Cranfield School of Management. It was an intense and amazing year where I got to study with inspirational thinkers in Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Innovation.

Since then I’ve held a number of leadership roles working with life science and technology companies of all sizes at the intersection of sales, marketing, technology, and innovation.

It’s been a wild ride so far, and I hope you will let me support you in the next chapter of your journey!

In 2019 I was appointed as a Visiting Fellow of Cranfield School of Management and am part of the Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales.  In addition to supporting my own clients, I also work as a Senior Strategist at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE – the world’s first global cloud-based agency. Comfortable dealing with executives at all levels, I hold board positions at the Life Science Marketing Society and with software development company Agile Cyber Solutions.

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To help organisations become more human and win the hearts and minds of their customers by putting the customer at the heart of the digital revolution


To help customers navigate the stormy seas of digital transformation and implement human-centred projects that help sales and marketing teams build and activate authentic connections with customers.


"The most powerful people in society are the myth makers," Allen Bloom.

No longer do the spin doctors and advertising agencies control the narrative – its an organisation’s customers that are now in control. We help you to harness them for mutual benefit.