Brand Storytelling

We’re wired for story – we have been communicating through stories for over 15,000 years and research shows they move our brain chemistry in ways that raw data and facts alone can’t.

You want your story to capture the audience’s attention, make sure the characters resonate and keep the plot exciting. You might even want to add a twist in the tale that leaves your audience gasping for more.

But as I’m sure we’ve all experienced, telling stories isn’t easy – and that’s where Strivenn can help.

Now you may be thinking, “I only sell blue widgets, there isn’t a story to tell” – but every organisation is teaming with stories, and their customers have even more. Its uncovering the stories and knowing how, when and where to tell them that is key.

While features, benefits and data talk to the brain, stories talk to the heart – they allow us to engage on a more human person-to-person level. And as anyone in sales knows, people buy from people they like.

A typical storytelling project involves:

  • A current-state situation analysis
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Customer interviews
  • Channel and  community analysis

Typically there would then be an interim presentation to the client that summarises and synthesises the data collected and provides a range of strategic storytelling options and their implications.

If requested, an in-depth workshop with the client can then be facilitated to guide the organisation through the storytelling  process.

Additional training can be provided to sales and marketing teams looking to embed the storytelling process in their day-to-day lives.

If you feel that your marketing isn’t resonating and you need help crafting better stories, contact Strivenn today.

Don't just take our word for it...

"For a long time in business, I knew I had a story to tell to help and inspire others, but could never quite get the words right. When I met Matt for the first time and talked about my journey in life that led me to the point I'm at now; his attentiveness, and ability to capture my story, then re-tell it in a way that was so true to who I am, was absolutely astonishing. With no exaggeration, it took my breath away because finally, I myself truly understood and had a defined message that I wanted to, and felt confident in sharing. Without hesitation, I would (and in fact already have) refer Matt and Strivenn to others looking to implement a strategic and robust marketing campaign in their business, all starting with the power of storytelling."