New Product Launch

Don't miss you customer's hidden needs

Developing new products, or new market entry strategies or a new brand awareness campaign without really understanding your customers is doomed to fall short of expectation. Indeed,  research published by CASS Business School shows that 90% of all product launches fail

In order to understand what customers want, marketing departments are often encouraged to listen to the “voice of the customer.” However, the most commonly used methods of gaining insight into customers’ needs, such as focus groups and surveys, can have significant limitations because customers often struggle to articulate their needs and motivations

Using a variety of advanced customer research techniques, we can help you overcome these challenges and deliver real customer  insight.

A typical hidden needs project involves:

  • A review of any current customer insight available 
  • Selection of a number of customers to approach for face-to-face ethnographic interviews
  • Selection of a number of customers to approach for telephone cognitive mapping interviews
  • Completion of the interviews 
  • Data analysis and preliminary report creation
  • Insight-based marketing and innovation workshops
 The deliverable would then build on the workshop outputs, highlight the decisions made and make a series of recommendations as to how best to leverage  the new insights.

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