Strategy driven marketing and storytelling for a world transformed by technology

"I help life science and technology companies bring innovative and disruptive products to market by developing robust marketing strategies that combine storytelling, branding and content marketing to engage and influence the key decision-makers that are part of the B2B buying process."
Matt Wilkinson
Matt Wilkinson, PhD MBA
Founder and Managing Director

Strivenn [striv-uh nn]



To strive to achieve the extraordinary by bringing together the jigsaw puzzle pieces that make a great marketing strategy, a human-centered marketing stack while weaving together the threads of customer insight and community to co-create stories that build long-lasting, authentic customer relationships and drive sustainable growth

Our Approach


To help organisations become more human and win the hearts and minds of their customers by putting the customer at the heart of the digital revolution.


To help clients build the strategic and technological foundations from which they can build impactful marketing programs in the digital age.


No longer do the spin doctors and advertising agencies control the narrative – its an organisation’s customers that are now in control. We help you to harness their stories for mutual benefit.

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